Are you a Parent Struggling to Support your Child with Learning to Read?

-Are you stressed because your child is having difficulty in reading, and you’re not sure how to help them?

-Do you feel anxious and uncertain about the future, not sure if their reading needs will be met at school?

-Are you concerned that due to COVID-19, YOU may be the one responsible for your child’s reading instruction?

Just IMAGINE what it would be like…

The Path to Reading Empowerment - My Story

How I discovered the Simple Strategy that leads to reading success

I have been helping children become successful readers for over 12 years.  I’ve learned many different techniques and strategies, and I’ve seen how different programs approach reading instruction. 

However, as the years went by, I could see that children needed a way to relate to the concepts and strategies that they were learning.  Reading instruction can be dry and abstract, which is not fun for anyone, but especially not for children!

So I set out on a journey to create a reading program that would teach the concepts children needed to learn in a fun and easy way. On the way, I made an interesting discovery...

Characters Make Reading Fun and Relatable

Discovery and Breakthrough

I could see that my students needed a way to relate to the phonics concepts they were learning. They needed a way to identify with what they were learning, that way it would engage their interest and be easier to remember.

I also realized that children can really relate to characters.  Whether it is their favorite superhero, a character from a book, or the mascot of their favorite sports team, children love having some kind of character that they can relate to and identify with.  Think of a child dressing up like Batman or Wonder Woman, or how much they love to wear the jersey from their favorite sports team.  Now imagine if they had that same level of fun and enjoyment about their favorite reading character or mascot! 

So I created fun and colorful characters, one for each of the reading concepts and strategies. I also made fun hand motions for each character to engage my student’s interest and get them physically involved.  Today, I am happy to see the smiles on my students’ faces whenever they learn a new character, as well as when they review their favorites!

The Result: A Reading Program That Parents Can Teach

Now You Can Teach Your Child To Read!

But I also wanted parents to be able to have the same joy with teaching reading to their children, even if they haven't learned about reading instruction and had no prior experience in teaching reading.

So I created a reading program that is scripted, structured, and easy to follow, with step by step lessons.  I also included all of the important elements in reading instruction, especially those that are research based.

The result was a complete reading program that any parent can teach, with all of the necessary materials included.

Awakening Potential For Reading Success - The ONLY reading program to use fun, colorful characters to teach each of the essential reading concepts and strategies!

Learning the phonics concepts and strategies is the heart of effective reading instruction. Awakening Potential For Reading Success teaches these concepts and strategies through fun, colorful characters that kids love! The program includes 26 simple phonics concepts and strategies, including strategies NOT SEEN in other programs, like ‘Accent Attack’ and 'The Sneaky i':

Every Phonics Reading Strategy and Concept is Included - All the Tools you Need to Teach your Child to Read!

-All phonics concepts are covered, including:

-long/short/schwa vowel sounds


-consonant blends

-vowel teams,

-r-controlled words, roots/prefixes/suffixes

-syllable reading, etc.

Extensive 146 page instructional guide (including 140 additional pages not shown here)-Everything you need to teach reading!

Fun, colorful phonics cards to reinforce concepts!

Reference Sheets Make Learning Easy!

Practice What You Have Learned

Here's a preview of the step by step scripted lessons (only 6 steps each) that are easy to teach-no previous knowledge necessary

View the slideshow below to see a sample lesson with the 6 Steps in action!

  • Step 1: Read the previous sounds

  • Step 2: Learn the new concept/strategy

  • Step 3: Practice on the Practice Board

  • Step 4: Read the Practice Word List

  • Step 5: Play the Phonics Game

  • Step 6: Read the book

Step 1: Read the previous sounds

Step 2: Learn the new concept/strategy

Step 3: Practice on the Practice Board

Step 4: Read the Practice Word List

Step 5: Play the Phonics Game

Step 6: Read the book

Awakening Potential For Reading Success Follows Research Based Evidence for reading instruction

Awakening Potential For Reading Success utilizes many research based strategies for reading instruction, including:

-Following the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction.  Orton-Gillingham is an approach that is research based, and effective for all students, but especially those who have reading challenges such as dyslexia.  Its main features are structured, sequential lessons, continuous review of previous material, and the use of multi-sensory (seeing, touching, hearing, moving) techniques.  

-According to, “This [Orton-Gillingham] structured literacy approach introduced the idea of breaking reading and spelling down into smaller skills involving letters and sounds, and then building on these skills over time...It also pioneered the multisensory approach to teaching reading, which is a common component of effective literacy programs. This means that instructors use sight, hearing, touch, and movement to help students connect language with letters and words...Instructors follow a highly structured approach that teaches skills in a particular order. This order is based on an understanding of how children naturally develop language.”

Structured, Systematic, and Multi-sensory

-Awakening Potential For Reading Success follows all of these important aspects of the Orton-Gillingham approach.  The 32 lessons are taught in a systematic and sequential order, starting with simple concepts and building to more challenging ones.  All of the lessons follow the same structure (including continuous review of previous material), and they are scripted to ensure that you always know what to say and do as you teach.  

-Awakening Potential For Reading Success also uses multi-sensory techniques: Touch: Phonics cards with the characters and sounds are used to play various phonics games. Movement: ‘Hand Motions’ are used to act out the meaning of each character/concept. Sight: Colorful reference sheets to display the meaning of each concept or strategy (this includes the fun, colorful characters), as well as to visually display the sounds being learned.  Hearing: Sounds are repeated out loud from both the teacher and student at different points in the lesson. 

Awakening Potential For Reading Success teaches all of the essential elements of phonics instruction, including concepts and strategies to decode words.

-According to, “To learn to read and spell using phonics, children have to learn the relationship between letters (graphemes) and sounds (phonemes), and then remember the exact letter patterns and sequences that represent various speech sounds (Moats, 2000)...beginning readers need to be able to identify words automatically and have an effective strategy for decoding unknown words. (Bos & Vaughn, 2002; NRP, 2000; Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998).

Phonics Strategies, Fun Characters

-Awakening Potential For Reading Success teaches ALL of the sounds that correspond to the various letter combinations (such as the sound that the ou makes in the word ‘couch’).  These are known as the phonics concepts. This is where the 26 fun, colorful characters come in! Each of the characters teaches the child a particular phonics concept, in a way that is fun and easy to learn. 

-The program also teaches specific decoding strategies to apply when reading unknown words, including a special section of the instructional guide which teaches the step by step process for applying the strategies to read words. This program also includes several strategies not found in other programs, such as ‘Accent Attack’ and “The Sneaky i.’  Plus, advanced level prefixes, roots, and suffixes are included as well!

Praise for Awakening Potential For Reading Success

I love all the colorful and fun characters for each of the concepts. It is written in an easy to understand format. It has easy to follow instructions for teaching kids how to read.


I know that this program works.  How? Because I use it with my students everyday, and I've seen the results.

Jordan Cromwell - Developer of Awakening Potential For Reading Success

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I receive the program? 

A: Once you complete your purchase, a link will become available on the checkout page to download the program.  You will also receive an email with the download link. The program is in PDF format, and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, your favorite web browser, or most any type of document reader (Apple Books, Kindle, etc.).

 If you have any issues with downloading, please contact:

Q: It says that the program is in a PDF format (digital download). How do I get the materials that go along with the program?

A: The materials are all included in the PDF (digital download), along with the rest of the program.  Once you download the PDF, simply go to the pages which contain the materials.  Then you can print out the materials, and laminate them too if you wish. 

Q: What grade levels are appropriate for this program?

A: Awakening Potential For Reading Success is appropriate for students in grades 1-6, although it is primarily aimed at students in grades 1-3.  The best time to build a strong reading foundation is in grades 1-3, but students in the later grades can also benefit from the program.  

Q: How long will it take for my students or child to complete the program?

A:  The program is self paced, meaning that the length of time to complete the entire program will depend on the individual needs of the child.  Each individual lesson will take approximately 1 or 2 days to complete (moving faster than one lesson per day would not be helpful).  Therefore the program can be completed in 32 days. At this point your child will have learned all of the concepts and strategies they need to read words effectively. You can also review any lessons that your child needs extra practice with as often as you like. It’s important to remember that speed is not the most important aspect, it’s more relevant that your child learns the concepts and strategies correctly and builds confidence in themselves as a reader over time.  

Q: Is this program appropriate for students with dyslexia?

A: Yes! Awakening Potential For Reading Success works wonderfully with students who have dyslexia.  It is based on principles and approaches that have been proven effective for dyslexic students, and I myself have seen my own students become successful readers with this program.

Q: Does this program come with books?

A: The stand alone program does not include books, however any basic phonics books can be used with the program.  The Awakening Potential For Reading Success Phonics book series is coming soon, and these books will be aligned with the concepts from the stand alone program.  

Q: Is this an Orton-Gillingham program?

A: Awakening Potential For Reading Success is based off of the Orton-Gillingham approach.  The Orton-Gillingham approach is not a method, but it is an approach to reading instruction (as well as other subjects) that has been shown to be very effective for students with dyslexia and learning disabilities.  There are many reading programs which follow the Orton-Gillingham approach, and they all vary quite a bit from each other.  What they all have in common (including Awakening Potential For Reading Success) is that they are multisensory, structured, and allow for plenty of review of previous material.  

Q: The website mentions that this is a complete phonics program.  What does that mean?

A:  Awakening Potential For Reading Success is a complete program because it teaches everything you will need to give effective reading instruction to your child or student, and it includes all of the necessary materials.  It is a phonics program because it teaches the essentials of phonics.  Phonics is the concepts and strategies which teach the various sounds and the letter combinations that correspond to each, as well as how to break down words into syllables, and segment and blend each sound within a syllable. When a child learns all of these concepts and strategies, he/she will have the knowledge and tools to read most any word that they encounter.  If any of this reading terminology sounds intimidating or confusing, don’t worry! Awakening Potential For Reading Success will teach you everything you need to know, and a handy definitions page is included to give explanation for all the technical reading jargon!

 Q: Is there a return policy for this program?

A:  If you are not completely satisfied with the program, then within 30 days of your original purchase you may request a full refund (and keep the program for yourself).  The refund will be applied to the form of payment you originally used to make the purchase. Please send all refund requests to:

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